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About Us

We are one of few companies in the world with the full complement of multi-disciplinary expertise needed for modern data-driven approaches to genomics research and its clinical applications. Our team of over 200 scientists and engineers comes from some of the world's best academic institutions: Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Oxford University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, National Institutes of Health, Buck Institute, University of California, Berkeley, University of Minnesota, Rockefeller Institute, University of Goettingen etc. Under one roof, we work together on software engineering, data mining, bioinformatics, assay development, laboratory automation, sequencing-based diagnostics, and clinical delivery.

We were founded in the year 2000, by four Computer Science faculty from the Indian Institute of Science. Our founding theme was “Algorithms for Life”. Since then, we have established a strong portfolio of products for biological systems research and for diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our products are fueled by a vast and unique collection of technology and expertise. Over 2000 scientific laboratories across the world and over 100 hospitals are our clients. We have now entered an exciting new era of guiding medical decisions using insights into the molecular world of genomes, genes and proteins and have been able to touch people's lives in the process. Hence our new theme "New Generation Healthcare".

Knowledge on the molecular underpinnings of life will grow substantially over the coming years. Our vision is to find newer and better ways to deliver this information to researchers, doctors and patients, retaining scientific rigor always. We believe this is best done in an environment that balances intensity and focus with the freedom to explore. And we do remember to give back to society in various ways.

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