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Strand Foundation

The India Biodiversity Portal (IBP) is Strand's contribution to help biodiversity conservation in India. IBP is designed to harness collective knowledge on biodiversity, aggregate information, and provide free and open access to biodiversity information. IBP was launched in 2008 and supported by a group of like-minded institutions and endorsed by the National Knowledge Commission to support open data in biodiversity.

Strand is the technology partner in building this enabling platform to crowd source, curate, and aggregate biodiversity information. The platform has matured and now consists of a fully-featured webGIS module; a standards compliant species pages module; a document and open data module; and a citizen science observation module.

This integrated open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform powers the Bhutan Biodiversity Portal (BBP), the Weed Identification and Knowledge in the Western Indian Ocean (WIKWIO), the India Biodiversity Portal (IBP), and the Western Ghats Portal (WGP).


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