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Strand Foundation

Improving Healthcare through Genomics and Personalized Medicine

The Strand Life Foundation seeks to contribute in bridging gaps in the health needs of the general population and particularly the underprivileged, with a focus on women and children, by supporting programs that steer them towards healthier living.

Stay Ahead of Cancer

In early 2016, the Strand Life Foundation has initiated a public awareness campaign to raise awareness about hereditary cancer (when the cancer runs in the family) and the availability of genetic counselling to better understand one’s personal cancer risk and its consequences.

You can follow this campaign through its dedicated Facebook page @StayAheadOfCancer which features updates on the #StayAheadOfCancer team’s activities as well as facts about hereditary cancer and tips on how you can “Stay Ahead of Cancer”.

Genetic counselling services are available across the country and can help clarify what a person’s lifetime risk of suffering from cancer is, as well as counsel patients and family members on what the available surveillance measures (like regular check-ups) and preventive options are if an increased risk is established through a detailed family history and genetic testing.

Strand has been supporting campaigns that raise awareness of breast cancer since 2014, including the Bangalore Pinkathon, an international all women’s run taking place every year to raise awareness.


Cervical cancer screening

The foundation supports a program for developing a low-cost non-invasive HPV screening test for women. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is a major cause of cervical cancer in women and current tests (pap smears) are invasive. By supporting development of a urine-based test, we hope to bring HPV screening to a much larger population of women.

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